• Brampton, Ontario, Canada, L6Y 3J6
  • +1 (289) – 499 – 3249

Vision and Mission

SeedNanoTech and Consulting is a registered business in the province of Ontario and it is operating successfully since 2016. It is a rapidly growing company, located in the heart of Toronto in Canada.

SeedNanotech's main objective is to provide highest quality educational services to students aspiring to pursue higher education in the academic colleges, trade schools, and universities in Canada and the USA.

Our student group consists of high-school students, primarily grade 11 and 12, technician and diploma holder's, undergraduate students and graduate students in Master and PhD levels. We extensively help our students identify the program of their choice, institute / university where their backgrounds fit the best, as well as help them in choosing location of their choice.

We also help academic institutes in Canada and the United States to identify prospective students based on their programs and fit, they offer to international students.

We have been attracting students from Nepal and Japan. However, as the demand grows, we plan to expand providing student services in east and south Asian subcontinent and the surrounding regions.

Our mission is to place students in the academic institutes where their chosen program fits the best. We help them to pursue their dream career in their chosen field of studies based on their background, academic strength, and competency in English.