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Shivani Bhattarai 


My name is Shivani Bhattarai and I am a prospective postgraduate student at Loyalist College in Belleville, Canada. I applied through SEED NANOTECH. Throughout my application process, I got full support from the entire team of SEED NANOTECH. The team provided me full guidance for my admission and visa processing, SOP preparation, document verification and so on.  The service I received is phenomenal without which I could not have secured my admission offer and receive a visa with success.  I highly recommend anyone wishing to study in Canada to take help from the team of SEED NANOTECH staff as they are very friendly, easily reachable and sure to help you in each step of study permit processes.


My name is Babita and I am a current student at St Lawrence College in Kingston, Canada. I applied through SEED NANOTECH and recently got a student visa for Canada. The entire team of SEED NANOTECH provided me with full guidance for my admission, visa processing, pick up on arrival, finding accommodation, and drop-off at the college.

I highly recommend everyone who wants to study in Canada to take help from the team of SEED NANOTECH staff as they are very friendly, easily reachable and they help you in each step of study permit processes.


Hi, My name is Sonam Gurung. I was a student at Loyalist College in Ontario, Canada in the year 2017 and a proud graduate of the Radiation Safety Program. I came to Canada through SeedNanoTech & Education Consulting, and I now feel that I made the best choice to apply for admission to a Canadian College through’ SeedNanoTech & Education Consultancy. I am also happy that I choose to apply to a college instead of University, especially for students coming from Nepal it would have been difficult to cope with such big things happening in Universities. Especially Dr. Conrad Rizal, the director of the company, has been extremely helpful and dedicated throughout my application process. Without his guidance and support, I would not have been able to come to Canada and study in my chosen field and be where I am now.

I know by experience that Dr. Rizal and his team are highly professional, have in-depth knowledge of the education consultancy, admission process, and visa matters in Canada. They are easily reachable (almost 24 hours) through all kinds of communication means such as email, Viber, WhatsApp, and phone number, and always ready to listen and advise. I highly recommend SeedNanoTech & Consulting services for anyone willing to study in Canada and the USA. All the best.


My name is Pooja Sharma, and I was a past applicant of postgraduate program at St Lawrence College in management. I first contacted Conrad Sir through the recommendation of one of my relatives who is residing in Ontario. I applied through Seed Nanotech Education Consulting and received an offer letter for admission. Due to my own circumstances, I decided to stay in Nepal and work. Conrad sir had been extremely helpful in listening to my problems, guiding me the application process, advising me in choosing programs, preparing my resume and reference letters, and editing my statement of purpose. It was because of his professional guidance and support, I was able to secure admission in the Institute in Canada. What I know about Conrad Sir and his team is that they are easily accessible, always ready to listen and advise promptly. I do not know anybody with his integrity. For students interesting in pursuing their higher studies in Canada or the USA, I highly recommend that they apply through SeedNanoTech and Education Consultancy in Canada.


My name is Matrika Dhital. I was a prospective IT student at Seneca College in Ontario, Canada. I always wanted to go to North America to enhance my knowledge in computer systems. I did not know where to start with. But one of my colleagues then recommended SeedNanoTech and Consulting in Canada. My application was processed online through SeedNanoTech & Consulting in January 2017 and received an admission offer letter from the college in December 2018. Waiting this long was not an easy task. However, I am proud to say that I received one of the best consultancy services from SeedNanoTech and Education Consulting, and I recommend anyone willing to go to Canada or the USA for higher studies to apply thru SeedNanoTech and Education Consulting.