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1) Founding Director

Conrad Rizal, PhD (UBC) SMIEEE

Experienced and accomplished educator and education consultant for over 15 years. Served in Japan, USA, Singapore, Qatar, Bangladesh, Nepal, India, and Canada. 

2) Executive Administrative Assistant

Eliza Rizal

Visual Arts, York University, Toronto, ON, Canada. 

As an administrative assistant, her primary responsibilities are outlined below:
1) Helps with student recruitment. 
2) She does this by reviewing student applications and certificates.
3) She does this by through email, phone, and social sites using online chat.
4) Meets potential students through outreach activities.
5) Maintains data entry in and record keeping

 3) Education Counsellor

Dave S. Rizal

Dave is an educational Counsellor for over two years. As an international student recruiter and counselor, his primary responsibilities include:

1) Attends educational fairs and recruitment functions
2) Plans educational fairs 
3) Liaisons with student recruitment agencies and sub-agencies
4) Coordinates student recruitment functions and events
5) Counsels on education programs suitable for students background
6) Counsels on university placement

4) Immigration Consultant 

As an immigration consultant, primary responsibilities include:

1) Interview clients.
2) Prepare and check all legal documents submitted by clients.
3) Prepare application form and thoroughly review them.
4) Prepare fee quotes and any information required by clients or authorities
5) Assist the client to obtain Visas and other documentation required.
6) Assist sales & marketing team 

4) Office Assistant

Sarah Kay 

As an office assistant, her primary responsibilities include:

1) Drafting email correspondence with clients
2) Managing admission application forms received from students / clients  
3) Filing information and documents electronically, virtually and in physical files
4) Recording deadlines and appointments.
5) Preparing invoices
6) Managing agreements with the client 
7) General office work as needed on time to time


1) Managing Director

Janaki Gurung (Ms)

Janaki Gurung is the managing Director for Nepal office. She is also an managing director of Mero Consultancy Pvt Ltd. (PAN No 600516965) in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Board of trustees, Active Youth Society, Kathmandu, Nepal.
Founder, College of Culinary and Hospitality Management Pvt. Ltd., Nepal.
Founder & Director, Achiever Education, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Master’s in Business Administration, Kantipur International College, Kathmandu, Nepal.
Bachelor, International College of hospitality management, Hotel management, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal.

In addition to successfully managing education consultancy services in Nepal and abroad, she actively works on addressing youth issues and solving problems both at home and abroad.
She is a current youth ambassador for Peace Nepal.