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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What documents are needed to apply for admission in Canadian universities?

  • School Leaving Certificate
  • School Leaving Mark Sheet
  • Higher Secondary Education Certificate 
  • Higher Secondary Education Academic Transcript / Mark Sheet
  • Three Reference Letters from Academic Advisers (Optional)
  • Passport Copy (showing first two pages)
  • IELTS Test Record (can not be more than 2 years old)

As a student, can I get work permit during my study period and after I graduate from a college? Can you elaborate on that?
Yes. 20 hours per week in Canada.

How do I apply, and what is the deadline to apply?
The application can be submitted online. We will help with the application process and advise on admission matters.

How do I apply if I have studied at an international academic school?
Submit your full application online using our Apply Online button.

How do I find out about the status of my application?
We will update you on time to time.

What would be the tuition fee cost per semester?
The fee depends on the program. 

What would be your refund policy?
In the event where the study permit is not guaranteed, all the fee except an administrative fee will be refunded by the college.

Am I qualified for Transfer Credit from an institution outside Canada?
Yes, It depends on case by case. You can request for it when you arrive in College.

Can I enter the program from high school?
Yes, you can.

Which majors, and minors are available for Secondary Education students?
Please have a look at Institutes Calendar. It has a complete list of majors and minors available.

How big are the classes?
The average class size can vary any where from 30 to 100. It depends on the program and institute you chose to join.  

What scholarships are available to students?
Please visit the institute's webpage for information on scholarship.

How much will my program cost?
It varies by the programs. Please visit the institutes financial page for information.

Can I study on a part time basis?
Most international students enroll on full time programs 

Can I set up an appointment with a student adviser?

Can I come for a campus tour?
Yes. You must register online.

What are the admission requirements?
Depends on the program. Good standings in both Math and English are expected. Visit institute’s page for all admission requirements.

When should I apply?
Allow sufficient time to apply. You should keep at least 4-6 months window before the program begins. For international students there are more things to consider too. We recommend that students begin applying as soon as possible in order to apply for scholarships and/or residence.

Will you look at my transcripts and tell me if I should apply?
Sure, we conduct preliminary assessments of your documents and see if you can meet the admission requirements of the institute. 

How do I apply for admission?
Send you documents using our Apply Online. If you have any questions

What are the English language requirements for admission into the colleges in Canada?
Students must meet the English Language Proficiency. 

Do I need to submit letters of reference or a curriculum vitae (CV) for admission into the program? Is there an interview process?
Most students are considered for admission based on the academic merits. Students are not required to submit letters of reference, a CV or participate in an interview for admission into the program. For the most graduate programs, reference letters are needed.

What documentation is required for admission?
Please see our resource menu.

How do I accept my admission offer?
Pay the tuition fee and accept the offer. 

How do I pay my tuition deposit?
See Student Tuition Payment Options of the college.

I've applied, what now?
Wait for the news-- if you have met all the admission requirements, the chances are that you will hear a very positive news from the college you applied for your admission.