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Matrika Dhital

My name is Matrika Dhital and I am a prospective IT student at Seneca College in Ontario, Canada. I have received admission offer for May - 2018 enrollment, and I am happy to share this news. I always had a keen desire to go to North America to enhance my knowledge in computer systems, but I did not know where to start with. Fortunately, one of my colleagues recommended SeedNanoTech and Consulting. However, the company is based in Ontario in Canada and I did not know how to approach them. Thankfully, I found their webpage very user-friendly and I processed my application online through it in January 2017. I only received an offer letter from the college in December 2017. Like any others, waiting this long was not an easy task. However, I am pleased to announce I received one of the best consultancy services from SeedNanoTech and Education Consulting and an offer letter from a college I was passionate about joining.

I can say with confidence, that SeedNanoTech and Consulting service is an extremely high level. Providing timely suggestions and guidance needed from senior individual like Dr. Conrad Rizal, the director of the company, starting all the way from preparing documents, processing, and visa application (its ongoing) between very high-ranking executives from around the world. SeedNanoTech & Consulting’s methodology and their knowledge of both Nepalese and Canadian education system have been keystones for any new applicants to aim for their higher education in the North America. I highly recommend any one willing to study in North American Colleges / Universities to apply through SeedNanoTech & Consulting –  Trust me, you need a bit of patience but the end result is always positive - Given Dr. Conrad Rizal's life-long experience in Academia, his advice and guidance cannot go wrong.   


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