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Sonam Gurung

I am Sonam Gurung and a current student at Loyalist college in Ontario, Canada. I came to Canada through SeedNanoTech & Consulting. (WATCH VIDEO? CLICK HERE:) It has been the best choice I made to apply admission in a Canadian College. Especially, for students coming from Nepal, it is much easier to cope in College than in University. Dr. Conrad Rizal, the director of the company, has been extremely helpful and dedicated throughout my application process and beyond. Without his guidance and support, I would not have been able to come to Canada and study in my chosen field and be where I am now. 

Dr. Rizal and his team are highly professional, have in-depth knowledge in Canadian education system, admission process, and visa matters. They are easily reachable (almost 24 hours) through social sites, email and contact number. They are always eager to listen and advise. I highly recommend SeedNanoTech& Consulting services for anyone willing to study in Canada and the United States of America.



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